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John R. Kitch shown performing in his short film "Lenore".

John R. Kitch was born in Wichita, Kansas on July 26, 1991 to John E. Kitch, an aircraft factory employee, and Sara Kitch, a public school librarian. John grew up in the small farming community of Conway Springs, KS, where wheat is the economy and high school athletics is king.

John attended USD 356 for all twelve years of his preparatory education, and graduated with honors from Conway Springs High School in May of 2010. While in high school, John participated in band, Scholars’ Bowl, and the student newspaper. He served as its Editor-in-Chief for two years. It was during his junior year of high school when he took on a major role in one of the rare school plays, and he instantly became hooked on theatrics, directing/acting theory, and production arts.

In July 2010, John began his education at the Art Institutes International-Kansas City. Currently, he is working on a Bachelor of the Arts Degree in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production, and aspires to be a writer/director and actor.

Influenced by: Stanley Kubrick, Darren Aronofsky, Paul Thomas Anderson, Ronald F. Maxwell, Alfred Hitchcock, Tim Burton

Often collaborates with: Michael Rogers, Barry Wilson, Shelby Cipolla, Valeri Bates

Favorite genres: Dark Drama, Noire, Historical Drama, Dark Epic

Fun fact: Shares his birthday (July 26) with one of his favorite directors, Stanley Kubrick


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  1. Laura :) Says:

    great stuff bro! 🙂

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